Friday, October 29, 2010

Increase Earning Blog Eight

Increase Your Earning Money On BlogEight From Your Blog...

If you have register with BlogEight to monetized your blog for money, then you must taken the chance to Increase Your Earning. Click here for "Earn Money With Blog Eight" to follow procedure register and some case study information.

The BlogEight are allow you to add more than one blog, which mean you just register one account, and you can add more Blog you want used it to monetized with they Mangga Online Ads Network program.

You must register with account (if you are new or read above related Case Stuy Link for guideline setup) from below to start Earning Money From Your Blog...

Here how to Add The BlogEight Mangga Online Ads onto your other Social Blog (you must be owner of blog)

1.) Log in to your member account

2.) Click "Widget" at your dashboard, then you can see the "Ad Widgets" just click it

3.) You should read the "Website Requirement" they are demand before add more profile widget.
* Choose Ads Widget Type - there have 5 Socal Ads Type, consider where you want to place it at your blog then find out the suitable Ads Type.

* Customize Settings - Name Your Widget (prefer your Blog & Placement) easy managed ; The URL that you will insert for this Ads Code ; Specify your this Blog Categories ; You can TRACK your each Blog Profile Widget by simply choose "Existing Tracking ID or New Track ID".

* Optional Setting - You can play the color on your Ads Widget, choose the color which suitable match to your Blog Background / Template.

4.) You can instantly Preview Your Theme Design on specify table box. Once you are done on previewing, just click SAVE BUTTON, your Ads Code for this Widget will instantly come out. Just COPY AND PASTE it your Blog suitable placement.

NOTE : Do not create more than 3 of different ads type widget, this will meet the TOS and get banned plus too many ads will make your online visitor not happy..

The basic of Increase Your Earning Revenue Is Always Same For Internet Blogger/Marketer "Place More The Relevant Ads Link, Code On Different Blog, Webiste etc Whicn Can Bring More And Increase Traffic - On TOS Apply", mean the more traffic you have the more higher chance you increase your earning money.

Placement Of Higher Earning
1.) Top Of Blog - Used 728 x 90 Leaderboard
2.) Left or Right Of Blog - Vertical Small Skyscraper or Wide Skyscraper
3.) Below Title / Above Title / After Post - Used Square Medium Rectangle. If you already put the leaderboard on top and between title is very near, then the Square are recommended put at middle or after post (not below post content)

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