Friday, October 29, 2010

Earn Money Blog Eight

Start Earn Online Money With Blog Eight...

The Blog8 (also is Blog Eight) have provided with English and Chinese for Global Advertisers and Publishers. If you are Blogger, Website Owner etc you can start to Earn More Online Money with this HOT Rated Asia Ads Network.

They are different than other Ads Network, and reason why you must join with this program :
* They payout the higher rates
* Easy, Simple and with advanced features on Members Dashboard
* Back support by Big Media Company
* Payment System with fast and easy payout option
* Social Network For Blogger's

This is very new trend program, their system for Advertisers are used "Mangga Online Ads Network", which is you can :
1.) Socialized Ads - the ads will be appear on comments and rating, you get instantly feedback on users about your ads
2.) Metamorphic Ad Formats - Just simple with one Advertising Campaign, and the system will auto come with various Ads Formats for your Ads.
3.) Minimal Costs In Optimizing Ads - Your ads will be instantly interactive with comments and rating, also instant respond by likely users on your ads

Publisher, Start Monetized Online Money With Your Blog etc...

If you are first time sign up then follow the below procedure

1.) Right Click below link (open new browser, recommend), then instant sign up and integration with your Blog, Site etc

2.) Fill up the email, password (SAVE it at your Notepad or Wordpad) and your name, and verify the confirmation mail at your Email Inbox

3.) Click confirmation link, and enter your Webiste/Blog URL etc and what they CATEGORIES you are perfer for your blog, and copy and paste each Ads Type (higly recommended copy all three component code) to your Blog (put the higher and easy eye placement for your visitor's)

NOTE : Each time you insert the code you must INSTANTL to click "verify" button (only after verify just can earn the money)

4.) Start to fill up all your personal information (realistic info to collect your earning payment) at Account Setup for Basic Profile Details, Profile Picture and Your First Shoutout
- Photo : recommended 180x160 (if you used your own), too large size is not allow
- Shoutout : Explain yourself, or your blog business for more unique to appear at they publisher directory.

5.) After first time fill up all the require information, the system will auto bring you go to your Member Dashboard area.

6.) Instantly to invite your friends or online social friend (safe list or friendship) to join with this Top Rate Hot Asia Blog - Earn Money While You Write Your Blog Post...Ask your friend from Facebook (the friends who have the own Blog)

7.) At your dashboard, at left hand side you can see "View Profile / Edit Setting", you can enter/edit more profile information, payment settings, change password and preference on Edit Setting page.

8.) REMEMEBER to enter your Payment Information on relevant page. If you have Paypal, you can used Paypal to collect your earning payment. (no have paypal, don't worry, go here register for one)

All is free register...

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