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Blogger is the Person (Blogger's) who managed and own about this blog, and prepared the related topic to whose are interested using the Blog for Monetized the Online Money. And how to increase and double up the Online Income by some eMarketing Tips, SEO, Tools, Sources and Case Study etc.

I am the Home Based Online Marketer (also as Blogger), like other Blog Writer, I also would like to share all my experience and knowledge on Webmaster, Blog Designer, and also Author (Write Article) as original content.

And wish all the Post Tile and Content writing are useful for everyone which visit at this blog for related purpose. I have try the best to shared all the information as I know, and my pass learning and the tips already been success use at other blog and online social community.

As a Blogger
I have prepared the trademark and logo design for my own blog, and online social community, specify each of them purposely for blogging and group discussion, keep write the original content (without copy and paste post content, except the affiliate link etc provided by affiliate owner) for your reference.

As my job, everyday keep finding the new solution for eMarketing Tips, Tools, SEO etc, Internet Business proposal (affiliate program), Computer Knowledge and Trouble Shooting (handling for beginner), My Local Business (Printing Industry), and some my other Personal Interested such as Football, Music, Reading, Traveling, and other possible potential Online Business industry and categories.

Monetized For Blog / Site
Blog is easy managed and design for your own purposely which what you want to share and talk at Internet World. When you are on Blogging, Website, Online Social Community etc, you should grab the chance used them to earn (monetized) extra Online Money Income.

There is nothing loss since you just put some HTML, JavaScript code, or affiliate links/banners on suitable and right placement, when some one click or buy over through your referral link, you will get paid from the advertiser or online business owner.

There have a lot type of Online Business, the most recommended is join and promote the affiliate business you are familiar for your Personal Interest, Hobbies, Knowledge, or from your current Job/Work Position Knowledge and Experience etc.

No matter you are into Blog, Site, Website, Social Community, the most important part is used the original content writing (no matter how bad your grammar and spelling used), as long as your visitor is happy about you and keep visiting your Blog, you have the chance to earn some online money.

Monetized Program
From here, I personal recommended the Advertising Ads Network (such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolink, Adbrite, BloggerAds etc), and Affiliate Program (you should interested and knowledge on that business categories and types).

Some Affiliate Program is as Center, which mean you have join one Affiliate, then you have the chance to join/sold/promote with they other advertisers or vendors company, such as Google Affiliate Network, Share It, LinkShare, Commission Junction, Clickbank and so on.

Each of them have own condition to apply become as Affiliate / Publisher. Your basically personal/company information must given as true and valid, and your Blog/Site must have well done design and few posting or more, and the last point is try to have Monthly Stable Traffic (at least 1.000, this is low).

Some Affiliate Application is Reject/Declined is because you are not Own Domain Name (e.g. www.yourname.com etc) and not meet up the sentence higher traffics, and your content are not suitable for them to approving.

Own Online Business
This is more difficult than simple work as Blogger. You must prepare a lot the tools, design, and information for your Own Website (Internet Business) for properly running.

And it would taken a lot time (time costing) and some capital investment for start up and maintain for few months or year when you still on developing.

The cost will charge based on Web Hosting, Server, Package, Designing, Informational Finder, Author Write, Database & Programmer etc.

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