Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adsense Publisher ID Protect

Protect And Avoid Your Adsense Publisher ID Being Used By Other Person On They Site, Blog etc.

And this question have been discuss by many Publisher whether or not “Should Me Enable Adsense Whitelist (Allowed Sites feature)”

The answer for this is depend to you, but as seriously earner from Advertising Ads, You Should Enable This Option Features.  For myself, I have agree for protect my account.

This will start to protect and avoid your own Publisher ID to prevent from Malicious Activity by Human Intend Work (which you are not owner for that blog/site)

There have a lot cases happen that other people used your ID and inserting at they own blog / sites, and do some illegal activity (refer TOS) to make your Adsense Account being complaint and get banned or block from Google.

To avoid this happen in at your account for termination. Then used the "Allowed Sites" feature at your dashboard area.

1.) Log in to your Adsense Account.

2.) At Adsense Setup Tab, look at "Allowed Sites" tab which appear last one at same tab

3.) There have two option appear for setting, please select the option which is highly recommended

Option 1 - Allow Any Site To Show Ads For My Account (this is dangerous when some one used it do some Malicious activity)

Option 2 - Only Allow Certain Sites To Show Ads For My Account (Highly Recommended, prevent and being protected). Select this option, and follow step 4。

4.) Enter the instruction guide (at your right) for the domain name. Remember as long as you have inserting your Adsense Publisher ID at your own blog/site, just enter the domain name at the text box, this will start to protect your account.

This features will be start recorded your earning after you have insert at the text box area.

Every time you have do the new inserting code at your new blog, site, website or other allow for inserting, please REMEMBER log in to your account again and paste that the URL/DOMAIN.

The Ads will be still DISPLAY on the website which you are not INSERT the domain (which you have own and managed website/blog) at your Allowed Sites Feature area, but the earning will NOT RECORDED and Generate from Impression and Visitor Clicking Ads.

You can come log in to check out day by day, to see which on Internet are used your Adsense Publisher ID for an authorized access, if you sure that is you, remember to insert it at Allowed Site Box Area and Save it

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