Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogger Adsense

Title : Blogger Adsense

If you are newbie blogger, and looking earning online money. Then Google Adsense is one of the good Ads Program, is just simple to setup. But before that, you need to apply the google adsense application and approve by them.

And please, if you just new starter then you need to read more information at Google AdSense Program Policies. Simply do not clicking yourself ads in your blog etc, and also can't ask anyone you know of them to clicking the google adsense ads at your blog. All you need to do is BY NATURAL VISITOR clicking. The more traffic you bring to your blog then the more higher chance of CPM and clicking, but your blog content is much important. From your blog design, until content of your blog must have quality, simple and atttrative for your visitor want to know more of your ads placing in your blog.

But there still have a lot Online Marketing Tools, Strategies and Tips you need to learn more, especially SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) you really need to study and test and test to make sure your main blog and each content will be appear at TOP 10 in search engine result.

But out of there still a lot applicant are REJECTED / DECLINED by Google Adsense TOS. You can click here to read more information how to simply success approved. I have help my sister and brother to apply it with simple information but is just REAL INFO.

Except Google Adsense, there still have a lot competitor ads program such as Chitika Publisher, Adbrite and so on. Each of them have it own TOS, and the way to apply the application. If you are from Malaysia, then Nuffnang is one of the choice.

Remember the daily traffic you bring to your blog, the more higher chance for your visitor clicking your ads. But make sure your content writting have attractive and solution to solve they search of trouble problem. Make sure they can stay with you at your Blog (with I Connect, or RSS submission). If you don't know writting so much, then just write simple thing with FEW KEYWORD and the LINK URL bring them to destination to solve they problem.

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